Call for Papers for a Special Issue of The Review of Regional Studies


Proposed topic: Water and Regional Science


  1. Motivation and objective of the Special Issue:

Economic prosperity, quality of life, and the environment are all inextricably linked by water. Availability, quality, and use of water are regional by nature and though interregional trade in water is possible, regional variations in natural and historical resource allocations will continue to play roles in regional development and will likely become more important over time. Absent improvements in water management and efficiency improvements related to water use, additional stress on water resources might lead to reduced economic development potential (even the possibility of negative growth), poorer quality of life, and environmental hazards. The interdisciplinary field of regional science – with its focus on the important roles of local and regional processes to socioeconomic performance and sustainability, its explicit treatment of spatial relationships, and its increasing attention devoted to modeling the linkages between the human system and the environment – is ideally suited to contribute high quality, policy relevant research on water.

The Special Issue seeks to publish novel research and reflect the most recent advances on the latest contributions in the area of water and regional science, covering new modeling techniques and formulations, as well as innovative case studies. Topic areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Integration of economic and environmental models that consider water
  • Water-related determinants of migration patterns and land use change
  • Environmental impacts of social and economic change related to water
  • Regional valuation of water
  • Regional economic impacts associated with changes in water availability and use
  • Water embodied in trade
  • Water-related determinants of industrial location
  • Regional ecosystems service valuations related to water

Contributions will be selected through a refereeing process consistent with the standard reviewing process of The Review of Regional StudiesOnly high quality original contributions will be included. This Special Issue should be of interest to researchers and policy-makers worldwide, wherever there is a need to overcome challenges related to water.


  1. Planned schedule:

Paper submission deadline:     May 15, 2018 
Notification 1st review round:    August 15, 2018 
Resubmission revised papers: October 15, 2018 
Notification 2nd review round:   November 15, 2018 
Expected publication date:       1st Quarter of 2019


  1. Names and details of the guest-editor

Christa D. Court

Dr. Christa Court is an Assistant Scientist in the Food & Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida (UF), Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). She serves as Assistant Director of the UF Economic Impact Analysis Program and holds affiliate faculty status with the UF Water Institute, the UF/IFAS Institute for Sustainable Food Systems, and the Regional Research Institute at West Virginia University.

  1. Article Submissions

Those interested in submitting articles for this special issue, click here. Please indicate in your cover letter that you wish to be included in the special issue.